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This New Year Gift Your Munchkin With Something Worthwhile!

Posted by Spark Spark on

As Christmas is just around the corner, New Year too is not very far away. A New Year brings with itself a flood of new hopes and a lot of positivity, which is why it is one of the most celebrated occasions. The festive season is a perfect opportunity for you to express your love and appreciation towards your near and dear ones. And who can be dearer to you than your very own bundle of joy!

Have you thought of buying your child a New Year present? If you answered a no then it is high time that you did. You may have brought a child gifts for Christmas but a New Year calls for special presents too. You need to express the infinite love that you have towards your child and buying your little one a meaningful present is the perfect way to do it.

Selecting a gift for a child may seem quite an easy thing to do. It is because unlike us adults, kids are really easy to please and have less complex emotions. But you need to be really thoughtful when making your choice because children can be too expectant at times and if they are expectations are not met, they might get disappointed which you definitely do not want. If you have run out of ideas for gifts, fret not, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of 10 meaningful things that you can gift your child this New year.

(1) Personalized art journals

If your little one fond of drawing? If yes this personalized art journal can prove to be the perfect gift for him or her. Children are not always looking for toys and other entertainment items as gifts, such gifts will send them a message that you are about their hobbies and encourage them to get more creative. Your child will love drawing their master pieces in these art journals that bear their name on every single page.

(2) Coloring books

This is the perfect gift for 2 to 5 year old kids. The children in this age group are really small and cannot draw pictures by themselves which is why they love coloring books. With the help of such books kids can draw their very own story in the colors of their choices. Moreover, these books can also be customized with your child’s name on every single page. And your child will be delighted to see that the book has been especially designed for them.

(3) Personalized bag tags

If your child is already going to school, this gift will come around as super thoughtful and special. Kids often have difficulty in taking care of their bags while at school and these personalized bag tags will help them in identifying their bags while in school or playground. Furthermore, these are personalized with your child’s name on them which makes them an even more special present as kids love to use things that have been made keeping in mind their requirements. The designs too can be customized according to their likes and dislikes.

(4) Bags

Does your child love having fancy bags? Then this New Year you can gift them a personalized bag to add to their collection. Your child’s happiness will know no bounds when he or she sees that you have bought them a completely personalized bag which has their name printed on it. They flaunt this bag proudly when they carry it to school. This bag will prove to be a highly meaningful and special gift.

(5) Mouse Pads

Is your child a technology freak? Do they never leave their computers alone? If you answered a yes then these personalized mouse pads are the perfect thing for them this New Year. These will signify that you do not mind them using technology but this will also reflect that you want them to be responsible whilst using technology. These mouse pads can be personalized with your child’s name on them and the design too can be in accordance to your child’s preferences.

(6) Duvet Covers

They that kids have colourful dreams, if you want to make sure that your child too has some really happy dreams you need to add a splash of fund and color to their room. Wondering how you would be able to do that? By gifting them with colourful and funky duvet covers. By gifting them these you can completely revamp your child’s bedroom and at the same time make your kid happy. Your little one will fall in love with the personalized design and they will never want to get out of bed once you gift them with these beautiful duvet covers.

(7) Totes

Is your little princess a budding fashionista? If yes , then a personalized tote is the perfect gift for her. The kids of the modern era are fashion savvy and want everything that is fashionable and chic, this is especially true for the little girls out there. And if you too are parent to such a little girl, then you should definitely buy her a personalized tote for New Year. This will signify that you support her fashion choices and are completely okay with them. She will be ecstatic to have a tote that bears her name and will carry it everywhere.

(8) Personalized sippers

This is every kid’s essential and what better way to celebrate New Year than gifting them with a personalized water bottle that not only bears their name but also has the theme of their choice printed on it. Your little one will absolutely love this gift, as it has a personalized touch to it which children love. They will carry it to school proudly and flaunt it amongst their friends.

We hope that this list of thoughtful presents helped you in finding what you were looking. This New Year gift something of value to your little one and light up their tiny world!

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