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Refreshing Homemade Flavored Water

Posted by Belina L on

Water is essential for us to stay healthy and for our bodies to function properly, but sometimes, plain old water can be boring, especially for the little ones. One way I spice things a little bit is by making flavored water at home… it’s so refreshing and a fun way to drink your H2O without even noticing it!

All you need is water, fresh fruit, herbs, a cutting board, a wooden spoon to mash the ingredients… and voila! Flavored water is definitely a healthier alternative to sodas or juices available at the grocery stores, which are full of not-so-natural ingredients and artificial sweeteners. Plus it can be a fun activity to do with the kids... my son loves helping me out by squeezing the lemons and stirring when all ingredients are in the pitcher.

A few tips to make your water more enjoyable:

  • Pick fruits that you enjoy eating: berries, orange, lemon, watermelon, peach, grapefruit, pineapple… any fruit will work except bananas.
  • Don’t be afraid to add herbs! You will be amazed with the flavor they can add: basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage… delicious!
  • If you are on the go, use a water bottle that you actually love and that you can grab and put in your purse or diaper bag when you leave home.
  • When offering water to the kids, serve along with a crazy straw… it will make wonders and make it even more fun! You can get those at a dollar store. For younger babies, pour the flavored water on a sippy cup, toddler cup or thermos bottle.
  • Use a clear pitcher or pint container for you to really see the colorfulness the fruits add to the water… it will look so pretty you will want to drink more!

Here are a few proven combinations you can try… easy to make, and so refreshing you will want to make one for each day of the week:

1) Watermelon, Mint and Lime Water (Photo by

2) Orange, Ginger and Blueberry (Photo by

3) Cucumber, Lime and Basil Water (Photo by Brit+Co)

4) Pineapple, Peach and Mango Water (Photo by Brit+Co)

5) Orange Rosemary Water (Photo by Brit+Co)

Share your recipes! and enjoy your water :)


Belina L

Spark & Spark