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5 Reasons Why is OK not to Throw a Big 1st Birthday Party

Posted by Belina Lizarzabal on

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by Belina Lizarzabal

When my son was turning 1, I asked myself this important question: is it wrong if I don't throw a huge first birthday party? We didn't make any big plans for Sebastian's first birthday party, but definitely wanted to do something special and keep the memories so that when he grew up older, he could see himself and talk about that important milestone. And for us, the parents, celebrating first birthday is also a big milestone because it is a celebration of our first year in the world of parenthood!

So, if you are considering a big celebration, keep these things in mind before you make the decision:

1. Your Baby Won’t Remember It

According to Baby Center, babies won’t start having long-lasting conscious memory of specific events until she/he is between 14 and 18 months old. And probably, your one-year-old will be sleeping his/her usual naps during that special day.

2. Crowds Overwhelm Babies

Many moms agree that 1-year-olds typically can’t handle big crowds. Big parties can be noisy and notoriously upsetting for the birthday baby, who may get tired as the party goes on or by being surrounded by many people. My son enjoyed just doing his normal, everyday routine and play with his new toys.

3. It isn't Really for the Baby

Let’s be honest, first birthday parties are more for adults than the kids. It’s really the parents, grandparents and friends who are celebrating, not the birthday baby. This is why we celebrated with a small gathering at our apartment and invited our closest friends and neighbors… there were only 2 other babies and it was perfect!

4. Better to Save the Money for Something Else

Birthday parties can be expensive and time consuming to plan. You could save that money towards planning a 2nd Birthday party, a family trip or a special baby photo session, to capture the milestone in a special way.

5. There Are Better Ways to Celebrate It!

I believe there are many good ways other than parties to celebrate the milestone of a baby's first birthday. This could be a perfect occasion to plan a family vacation to a nearby town.

Also, planning a special photoshoot for your baby is a terrific idea! Capturing them with a cute outfit, eating cake or playing with older siblings or pets, is a great way to preserve a memory of her special day for a photo album.

And because we love personalized gifts, this is a great celebration to put together a 1st Birthday Gift. Here are our favorite picks and designs: