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DIY Valentine's Cupid Arrows

Posted by Belina Lizarzabal on

These arrows are so easy to make! They could be a great activity to do on Valentine's day with the kids! And you only need a few materials:


pink or red paper straws (as many as you want)

colored feathers (you'll need 2 for each arrow)

paper hearts made out of cardstock (i used pink and red)

hot glue gun



1. Glue one paper heart to one end of the straw with a small sot of hot glue. 

2. Grab one of the feather, and glue it to the oposite end of the straw. I inserted it in the hole and waited a few seconds to let it dry properly. 

3. Repeat with the second feather. You may use different colors (i did!) at they look so cute!

4. Voila! You have created the perfect cupid arrow.

5. Repeat steps 1-3 to create as many arrows as you want.